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Book Like twilight - Vampire Romance Novel

"As the little girl was rescued after falling from a metaphorical tree of life into thin ice, I was intrigued. The story continued to reveal itself in layers with such depth, each time inspiring my imagination to go further..."

- Ava Leigh Stewart, Director, Art West Films and former contributor for CNN

“Intensely dark with a clever blend of twists and turns.
The mixture of characters builds fascinating chaos amidst young romance. I couldn’t put it down!”

–John Carroll, Director, Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life

“I was driven from page to page by an adrenaline rush to see what or who might be lurking around the next corner! The characters are boldly and passionately crafted.”

–Alan Dysert, former star of ABC’s All My Children and People magazine cover personality

“It was like I was reading a movie!”
–Literary agent who will remain anonymous

Book Like twilight - Vampire Romance Novel
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